The principle behind the Stubble Management system is simple and based on stubble height and the factors that affect a farmers’ ability to access the crop.

Established practice dictates that stubble cutting height is approximately 15cm, however this can be fundamentally improved by raising stubble height by an additional 25cm through using the Stubble Management principles.

Dealing with unwanted crop residue can be time consuming and expensive…

Dealing with unwanted crop residue can be time consuming and expensive with up to 120hp being consumed by a fine-cut straw chopper on today’s combines. This can account for more than 20% of the combine’s available power and as a consequence, operational running costs are high.

Similarly, the associated wear and tear on parts is more evident and expensive in terms of maintenance, repair and down-time

The Stubble Management system increases the stubble height to at least 25cm. The bar is quite literally raised and following the combine harvesting, the higher stubble is then mulched and mixed with the soil.

By mixing the mulch and soil together earlier allows the micro-organisms to start breaking down the residue more quickly, which in turn has the beneficial effect of speeding up decomposition.